Silicon Valley companies showcase significant growth despite rumors

Silicon Valley companies showcase significant growth despite rumors

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Last week we had the announcement of the financial results for the first headquarter of 2018. Various technology companies reported that their gains were considerably higher than last headquarter, despite the events of those past three months.

Investors chose to liquidate their shares the first three months of 2018, due to various facts around technological colossus. More specifically:

  • Mark Zuckerberg’s adventure with the Congress claiming that Cambridge Analytica illegally used user’s personal information.
  • Donald Trump claiming that Amazon abused the American mail system without paying their corresponding taxes.
  • The projections of 2018 for the Taiwanese semiconductor maker TSMS for reduced demands from their customers.

The factors mentioned above were considered to be negative for the technological economy. Nonetheless, most of the pioneers of technology companies have announced that their results were more than positive.

eBay, Twitter, and Netflix were the first to announce their results, noting that their quarterly revenue grew by 12%, 21%, and 43% year-over-year in Q1 respectively. Next in line to report was Facebook, reporting a 63% increase in profits.

And for the finale, 3 more technological colossi join the party.

  • Amazon, the biggest retailer in the web, increasing growing year-by-year by 43%, from $35,7 billion in 2017 Q1 to $51 billion. Amazon profits came up to $1,6 billion from $724 billion last year, with its shares costing $3,72 today up from $1,48.
  • Microsoft saw its profits grow from $5,48 billion last year’s Q1 to $7,4 billion. Its year-to-year growth came up to $26,8 billion from $23,1 billion, a difference of 16%.
  • Intel grew an astonishing 50% from last year, with its number growing from $2,96 billion to $4,45 billion. Their profits come up to $16,07 billion from last year’s $14,8 billion.

The whole online industry is improving and growing, opening its wings to even more customers and consumers. Their growth indicates that an even brighter future is ahead of them, with more people using as well as buying more electronic products and services each passing day.