IOTA attracts the highlights this week

IOTA attracts the highlights this week

The German non-profit, IOTA Foundation (MIOTA) sees a green light during the latest surge upwards. While most cryptocurrencies experienced raises a

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The German non-profit, IOTA Foundation (MIOTA) sees a green light during the latest surge upwards.

While most cryptocurrencies experienced raises around +5% to +20%, IOTA managed to break +100% shifting its price per unit from $0.93 to 2.13 in a matter of days.

If you follow my opinion articles, you’d know that this was natural to happen after what we discussed here. The IoT focused Foundation, not only outcompeted any other cryptocurrency in the top 10, but it also reached the 9th position from its previous position at the 12th place according to CoinMarketCap.

This unique Internet Of Things (IoT) promoting organization, that has its own cryptocurrency (MIOTA), specifically tailored for the machine economy that is born inside IoT networks, its own distributed ledger technology (DLT) based network, called The Tangle, which is an alternative to traditional blockchains, solving important issues regarding the scalability and security of transactions, while at the same time offers not just minimal, but literally 0 transaction fees, managed to stand out during the latest run started on April 12, 2018.

After the failure to deposit evidence against Tangle’s functionality on IOTA’s request, MIT’s Blockchain Initiative was an active example of how unimportant FUD is when you deal with a really well-organized project.

The investing crowd, as well as the community itself, is not a bunch of old people who suck everything media has to offer without a second thought. The present modern community is made of internet generation teens and young adults who know how the internet works, how technology works and what’s to come in the next years. Therefore crypto-related or not, internet users would eventually find about what IOTA Foundation stands for and how it is actively participating in an open fashion to shape the future of modern societies.

After the acquisitions of VW and BOSCH representatives into the boards of advisors and management at IOTA Foundation, the IoT organization welcomes Mr. Rolf Werner to the team, who is currently the head of Fujitsu in Central Europe.

As previously mentioned, IOTA is not your ordinary DLT project, and that is the main reason behind the attraction of so many individual investors as well as major investment companies including industrial titans like Microsoft, Samsung, Fujitsu, Huawei, Orange, Volkswagen, BOSCH, to mention a few, who participated in IOTA physically, economically and strategically, acknowledging IOTA’s capabilities and offerings for the future.

“The possibilities of decentralized and secured applications based on IOTA Tangle as a Distributed Ledger Technology are immense. They go far beyond machine-to-machine payment and include, for example, tamper-proof monitoring of the supply chain and secure identity management, just to name a few. I’m delighted to join the IOTA Foundation Supervisory Council (Stiftungsrat) to accompany a journey which will be meaningful for lots of industry sectors worldwide.”  – says Mr. Werner from Fujitsu, who joined IOTA Foundation’s Supervisory Council.

While FUDsters and amateur investors who do not clearly understand how blockchain works “love-to-hate” IOTA, the Berlin-based Foundation have proven multiple times that if there is any cryptocurrency project that is legitimate and has a professional and serious approach to what’s next, it would be IOTA.

Establishing connections between governmental and banking institutions, cryptocurrencies, industrial mega-corporations, all with a prototype and cutting-edge distributed ledger technology, IOTA is the first choice when it comes to IoT networks even for companies outside the blockchain sphere.

IOTA’s team expressed an extreme urge to find the right minds to fit in their community and it constantly upgrades the team with new additions like the one of Mr. Werner. New ideas, developers, creative thinkers are welcome to join the Foundation and help in the development of a new era where smart-cities would be considered as the new standard.

IOTA even has a multi-million Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF), specially created for new ideas that would help the community to grow and spread.