Bioinformatics firm Zenome performs the first genetic test on Blockchain

Bioinformatics firm Zenome performs the first genetic test on Blockchain

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While genetics was considered as a class of biology, nowadays it has merged with cutting-edge technology in order to create a series of sub-classes, responding to genetics as a main standalone class. Genetic Research and Development-focused technologies and bioinformatics are getting “Smarter” by the minute.

Russian company Zenome, a third generation blockchain-powered platform, not only integrates both cutting-edge information technology and genomics, but it also achieves that using distributed ledger technology (DLT), as its backbone.

This company offers individual users the ability to test, store, distribute, exchange and even monetize their genetic information and other medical data. The Zenome Platform offers instant, cheap and secure genomics and health database services, as well as intelligence distribution services throughout their network.

For example, you can test your saliva and extract samples of your genetic code. Zenome can help you store this crucial data in a secure place using blockchain technology. It can provide tips and even permanent solutions for possible issues regarding your genetic condition.

In case you’re bored with your own DNA, you can always give Zenome the rights to share your genetic information with third-party applications or medical institutions and research centers. In exchange, you get paid with ZNA, Zenome’s native currency that can be used as a utility token for the Zenome platform or be traded for major cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum (ETH).

Research facilities won’t be obliged to experiment with various animals in order to understand the human code when they have the ability to possess real and solid data on human genetics.

Of course, we could do this in the past – the difference is that today, we can do this faster, cheaper, and way more secure.

Improved Exome Analysis: “To obtain data, we use the high-throughput sequencing method. We have developed a kit for target enrichment: we have chosen genomic regions that include all known genes (the coding part), as well as additional SNPs of interest from the intergenic regions and UTRs of genes.” – says Jeff Heizmann, Data Scientist at Zenome.

You’re wondering what that means?

In a nutshell, having your genetic information on Zenome Platform gives you insights regarding possible inherited diseases, your general health condition, pharmacogenomics, which can provide detailed information about how your body and organism reacts and/or would react to specific drugs, information regarding your diet and metabolism, cosmetology, an aesthetic concept that can improve your external and internal health, athletic and acrobatic capabilities, and ancestry among many other aspects hidden inside your genetic code.

Why is this important?

As previously mentioned, in order to perform a DNA test in the past, you had to submit yourself to a long and stressful procedure that could cost you a lot of money and time. Your results would be available to doctors that might have nothing to do with you or genetics at all. The results were permanent and they would be treated with pre-designed standards.

With Zenome, your information belongs to you, and no one but you has access to it unless you chose to share it with a specific individual or a respective group of individuals. Tips, tests and new solutions will appear on Zenome platform everytime something new happens in the genetic field. Unlike traditional DNA tests that give you one single result and that’s it, Zenome will keep testing your DNA with new innovative methods when available.

Your genetic information is absolutely private and secured by blockchain technology, while it has the ability to be distributed or even monetized with the ease of a single click.

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