Afghan group murders Algerian in Athens

Afghan group murders Algerian in Athens

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Greek CT Seizes Afghan Alien Carrying Seven Detonators In Athens

According to the Greek police, five Afghan aliens are the perpetrators of the 26-year-old Algerian manslaughter, committed on 3rd of March 2018, in Victoria Square, Athens.

The group of Afghans clashed with the Algerian, resulting in his fatal injury by a sharp object. Policemen of the Crime and Personal Freedom Department have been able to identify three out of the five suspects, at the age of 14, 20 and 21, which they arrested. During their examination, their involvement in the case was revealed.

At the expense of them, a file was filed with the Athens Attorney’s Prosecutor.

It is worth noticing that the victim and the perpetrators were accused in the past for violating the law on drugs and guns.

The arrestees were taken to the Athens Prosecutor’s Office, while the search for the rest of the perpetrators is continued.

Source: Athens Voice